If you have found an interesting resource in the world wide web, just click on the web link box and paste the browser url of your desired web page.

Your link should be recognized automatically and the content should be extracted.

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Around 30% of all websites are hereby covered already automatically via the so called "og" Open Graph and META tags. On top of that, we have explicit plugins for a tailored rendering and display for the world's most important web services, as shown below.

Looking for a specific website, that needs a custom embed? Let us know and Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!!


Special Plugins

amazon.* eCommerce Image, Price, Title, Description
expedia.* Travel Image, Rating
tripadvisor.* Travel Image, Rating, Price
yelp.* Travel Image, Rating, Price
twitter.com (coming up) Social Network Feeds
facebook.com (coming up) Social Network Feeds
instagram.com (coming up) Social Network Feeds
plus.google.com (coming up) Social Network Feeds
RSS (coming up) News Feeds
Weather (planned) Productivity Custom Display
Stock Quotes (planned) Productivity Custom Display
Dropbox (planned) Productivity Custom Display
Votes (planned) Productivity Custom Display
Events (planned) Productivity Custom Display


Tags help to categorize your content.

By clicking on a tag, you can find related items in our community.


 info tag



With Styles you can individualize your pinboard. You can pick from predefined "presets" / templates or even do your own individual styling.

Styles are available for each pinboard and even for every single item. Look for the  icon!


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Coming soon


Your Account can be accessed via your main profile page. Look for the icon.

Next to adjusting your alias and username you can maintain your social networks and other web profiles.
These urls will be displayed on your profile page afterwards.


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